Dont forget to live for tomorrow, throw away the sarrow. Don't forget to barrow (barrow the love). Yesterday has gone away. Time to turn the page. Time to make a change and LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long time, no see!!!!!

soooo im like the worst blogga eva. i haven't written in like 4 monthes. it was time to update it!!!
i am done with my first semester of 8th grade. WOOT!!!!WOOT!!!! it was good i guess it wasnt any differant from all the other ones but hey thats one more im done with!!!!
halloween has come and gone as you can see. thanksgiving has also come and gone. now we are apporching christmas time. it is the most wounderful time of the year, ya know and my like most people it's is my favorite.
As i have gotten older i have found that christmas has seemed to have "lost" it's magic. it's just not the same as it used to be. Dont get me wrong it's still a wounderful time it's just it's alot better if you focus on jesus.
im all for giving and receiving but thats not what christmas is all about though most people think that somtimes. this year i am trying to focus on just getting back to the soul and main perpouse for the seanson. my lord ans savouir jesus christ!!!!
yes i realize that he was not actully born on christmas day (actully he was born somtime in arpil) but that is just when it is celbrated. if it would have not been for christ coming into this world, you and i could not be saved. God gives so so many blessing the least we can do is give jesus a little birthday bash ehh. i feel that it is infact important to celbrate his brithday.
that being said christmas has gotten so commericalized. sadly to most people christmas is running up credit card bills, worshipping at the altar of "santa claus' and getting fat and drunk. People reley on objects to make them happy. when really all they need is jesus!!! what's why to some people this is the most depressing time of the year. Every one feels different about christmas. Just like everyone feels differantly about christ.
if only we could all just realize christmas is not all about "what i am getting for christmas" or" what i want for christmas" maybe this season would be thought of so much differanlty then it is.
we all want joy in this time of the year but we are looking in all the wrong places. the key to our hoilday hopes lies not in the gift from macy's but from the gift god sent to us wrapped in swaddling clothes and lieing in a manger over two thousand years ago. this is were we will find our hope, joy, love, forgivness, and so much more if we would just oped our hearts. it's there for the taking.
this season i chalnge you to like i will do myself to not foucus so much on the gifts but just in god and thanking him and praising him. i know i will this year.

no more lifes torn apart and wars will never start and time will heal our hearts, everyone would have a feind and right would always win and love would never end. this is my grown up christmas list!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Forgivness, is a very powerful thing; it can either make up or break you in life. In the past year I have had alot alot of things happen that I have had a hard time forgiving them. Hopefully thees things will only change my life for a little while but they could change my life forever.

Let me just say this, forgivness is a very hard thing to do. Alot of times it's not hard to forgive but to release the harse feeling toward that person. As christans we believe that we need to forgive and forget just as christ did. Which is true we should forgive and forget, but it's alot harder then it sounds.

Most people think that forgiving is just the action of saying it and confessing that you have forgiven that person. "I forgive so-and-so for fin in the blank. There ok i have forgiven them." Wrong O!!!!! You may have said to yourself or to them or to the whole world dosnt mean you have forgivin them. You can say that as many times as you want but if you havnt removed thoose harse feeling and thoughts it's not going to do you any good.Confessing it is only the first step. (i'm sure you can see whats coming next) The second step is to throw it all away, Just leave it all behind. Having this bolder of unforgivness is just going to weigh you down.

The proublem with people is that we went to see justus brought to them. " They did _________ to me, so _________ should happen to them." We all think it and when nothing happens to them we get mad. When you get mad at that person you start to think bad thoughts about them. fisrt it starts with one, then one leads to two and two leads to four ect befor you know it, it's eaten you alive.But with forgivness this woun't happen. When you forgive it takes away the bolder on your shoulders. when the bolder has been lifted you will find it much easyer to worship god with all your heart mind and sould. Which in return will help you forgive. It's a win win.

Like i said in the past year i have had alot of hard times. The other night something reminded me of a person and before i know it I was steaming mad and thinking all theese bad things about them. Then i had a light bulb moment. I had unforgivness toward them. I had been lying, lying to me and my family. I had been saying it with my mouth but not with my mind or heart. So i had to take a good long look inside myself and i saw that i had become an unforgiving person. i never had really ever gotten past step one.

It was very hard but i had to throw it away. It did take some time. I just had to pray and pray and pray and pray and pray some more but i did let it go. When i did it
felt so good. I didnt realize how much i thought about that stuff untill it was gone. i can say it was worth it.

Forgiving isn't easy but it's worth it. You can choose either to soke about it and have a pitty party or just let it go and move on with your life.

So I would encourage you to take a look at your self. Ask yourself. " i'm i __________ __________ __________ a unforgiving person and/or do i have unforgivness in my life.

Monday, August 9, 2010


i officaly only have one week of summer left. BUMMER. i'm so sad but i'll just have to make the best of whats left.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


life this week has been CRAZY as it tends to be when you have 2 tolders running around the house. Let me tell you what that takes some getting used to. It's feels really funny.

if you dont get it by now then let me just tell you. My nieces have been here all week. they got here on saturday and we are taking them on saturday. we have had alot of fun. we all have laughed alot and some of us have cried alot but either way we still made memories. here is how our week went:

Saturday: Me mom and dad got up got moveing and got on the road. We met jasmin at D.Q ate lunch and then off to texas again with the girls.we got home and just relaxed the let the girls play all the rest of the day.

Sunday: got up, got ready for church. went to church went to eat lunch then off to mimi and papa's house. we got home put them to bed and that was sunday

Monday: got up, played, went to go eat luch with poppy. then off to pet o' ramma got home eat dinner, then off to bed and that was monday

Tuseday: got up, played, almost went to the play place, ate lunch, took a nap, amost went to the play place again but found that they had shut down. then we went to kid to kid. went to the bounce house place as a replacement for the play place and found that they also shut down, so we found another one as a replacement for the replacemenet and we played and played and playeed and played finaly when we couldnt play any more we went home. ate dinner and then bed time.

Wenseday: got up, played, spent all day at the zoo, came home ate dinner, then bed time

Today: got up, played, played played and played some more.

i dont know what we will be doing tommorrow but whatever it is i know we can all enjoy it.

then saturday we have to get drive them back up to arkansas just in time for jaycee's birthday party. i hope we can make it but i'm sure we will.

i will have more on the rest of this week and the party later.

peace and love Y'all

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of july.

The 4th of july was o.k this year. we didn't do much. we didn't go to see firworks which was fine with me cause i'm just not that big into fire works unless i'm whatchin them from beside to cindrella castle. All we did was get up and go to church and do our regular sunday things. maybe next year we'll do something.

Monday, July 5, 2010


what can i say, this week has been crazy!First,we are trying to get a new couch and all that stuff that goes with it in a living room. Second, we have been trying to figure out what is wrong with our computer. Third, i have had v.b.s all week long but i made it. V.B.S was the this year. i would say it was defantaly the best we have ever had and we have had some pretty darn good ones. this years theem was eygtysion theemed. i'm sure you have seen it advertised almost ever church i saw was doing it. it was the story of joseph and how he went from prison to palace hance the name: joseph:prison to palace.
ohh yeah we found out what was wrong with our computer. the moniter went out on it. which i kapt telling mom and dad that thats all it was but they didn't belive me untill a profesinal told them. so all we had to do was go and get a new moniter. which we did and i am loving it.

sorry again everyone. our home computer is still not working. which has really been a pain but we finally know whats been going on and all we need to do is get a new screen. hopefully we can get a new one short